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Serving Northern Virginia since 1987

Award winning Re-Tech Corporation Specializes in proven methods of Waterproofing protection, concrete repair and Artistic Decorative Concrete Designs.We are engaged in a variety of coatings and membranes; we also inject structural cracks with hydrophobic urethanes, structural or flexible epoxy.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfaced

Repaired, power cleaned and applied a simple knock-down texture in a medium gray color.

Our methods and products shield the structure mass from penetration of harmful chemicals and contaminants; that, if permitted, would break down the structural integrity of the concrete or mortar structure Our goal is to provide a total concept for concrete rehabilitation, decoration and preservation.

We have successfully applied our Artistic Decorative Concrete designs to a variety of commercial, industrial and residential locations. Take advantage of our picture library for examples of our work. Our emphasis is to work with the existing design of the customer's property to achieve a synergistic appeal, both to the customer and the surrounding properties.

We strive to restore existing structures, rather than remove and replace if it is at all possible. We do structural repairs, expansion joint installation, as well as a variety of coatings and re-surfacing materials.

Our mission

RE-TECH Corporation specializes in proven methods of repair and protection to provide a total concept for decorative concrete rehabilitation and preservation.

The company's technicians are available in a consulting or contractual capacity, to give proven advice and service, gained from experience and research conducted in the field.

Our Specialties:

Surface restoration of concrete or sound masonry. In addition, we offer Decorative Concrete, Value Added Enhancements to change the appearance, appeal, and aesthetic improvement that says -- Welcome! -- to all who visit your location

Waterproofing - including crack and expansion joint repair and injection, and capillary coatings or polymer membranes. Treatments and certain materials used are non-toxic and can be used on concrete structures that hold potable water or food products.